Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you purchase gold?

We do purchase gold! We sort gold based of the karat weight, and give a value based off the current market value. We also purchase platinum. 

  • Do you purchase silver, or silverware?

We currently are not purchasing silver or silverware. We do not have any recommendations at this time for where you can sell these items. 

  • Do you do appraisals while I wait?

We do not offer written appraisals while you wait. We ask that you leave the item with us so that we are able to measure stones and give accurate size and current market prices for replacement value of your item. 

  • Can you tell me how much a repair will cost?

We are not able to accurately give pricing through our online store or images. In order for us to give an accurate price for a repair we physically need to see the item so that we can evaluate the condition and asses what needs to be address or repaired on any item. 

  • How long do repairs take?

Typical time frame for repairs is 10-14 days. Some repairs require parts to be ordered to complete the repair. We do ask that you leave your repair with us the entire duration, so that our jewelers are able to perform the repair in accordance to their schedule of repairs. We do give a scheduled DUE DATE at time of drop off, we also text a notification at time of completion.

  • Do you do repairs on site?

We do nearly all our repairs on site. We currently employ two full time jewelers in our West Chester location where repairs are preformed. 

  • Do you do watch repair, or watch batteries?

We do basic watch repair, replace movements, remove watch links and replace batteries or watch cells. We work with a local watch maker that can perform more advanced watch repair and clean, oil and adjustments to watches. We do not service old clocks, and have no source at this time for recommendations.